Get to Know Your Local Airport — Luxivair SBD

Get to Know Your Local Airport — Luxivair SBD

— San Bernardino International Airport’s General and Business Aviation Services Partner 

FBO, the acronym for a fixed-base operation, refers to a business on an airport that provides essential services to aircraft operators. Luxivair SBD, the FBO at San Bernardino International Airport (SBD), has been supporting the airport community for the past 11 years and is a favorite base and destination for pilots and passengers alike.

Luxivair SBD’s guest services staff and skilled line technicians provide a warm welcome to all those using the facility. They offer a full complement of support, including aircraft fueling, aircraft tie-down and hangar parking, catering, and ground transportation, allowing customers to focus on their journey. Along with onsite U.S. Customs, SBD is attractive to international flights, giving operators another choice when traveling to and through Southern California.

The spacious and inviting Luxivair SBD terminal, with complimentary snacks and beverages, is welcoming to private-flight travelers and pilots. Executive meeting rooms are available for passengers to efficiently conduct business while in town. And pilots appreciate the care and comfort they receive after a long flight, with a pilots’ lounge to relax in and a state-of-the-art planning room to plan the next leg of their trip or close out a flight plan.

Big or small, Luxivair SBD serves them all. Sizes and types of aircraft serviced include cargo and commercial passenger jets, military aircraft, aerial firefighters, business aviation jets, medevac helicopters, and small general aviation training airplanes.

Luxivair SBD and FBOs across the U.S. are in high demand for regional, national, and international entertainment and sporting events. A recent example is the spectators who chose private aviation to travel to watch the Big Game in Las Vegas.

SBD is proud of its partnership with Luxivair SBD and the reputation it has earned for service excellence, making it the FBO of choice in Southern California for an increasing number of businesses, pilots, and customers each year.

To learn more about how Luxivair SBD contributes to smooth takeoffs and touchdowns, and opportunities available to those interested in pursuing a career in the aviation industry, visit

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