Frequently Asked Questions

Air cargo is taking off at SBD because global companies like UPS Airlines, FedEx Express, and Amazon Air increasingly find value in operating from the airport. SBD’s central location, adjacent to the cities of San Bernardino, Highland, Colton, Loma Linda, Redlands, and with growing numbers of people in its regional marketplace, make the airport an important hub for air cargo operators that want to reach their customers quickly.

SBD and its partners’ operational and developmental investments include:


  • SBD became the 258th airport to be admitted to the FAA Contract Tower Program
  • The Amazon Air Regional Air Hub became operational in Spring 2021. This future-focused facility will serve as a national model for air cargo delivery.
  • Commercial cargo aircraft are expected to land on Runway 24 occasionally, when seasonal on-shore wind conditions are present.
  • Community members located east of SBD that are not used to seeing and hearing aircraft overhead may notice an occasional change in the flight pattern.
  • New-age jet aircraft approved to land on Runway 24 meet the federal government’s stringent standards for noise reduction.
  • Additionally, landing aircraft are typically quieter compared to departing aircraft as less power is utilized. 

There are two ways that community members can easily report concerns about SBD-related flight operations:


  • Complete the aircraft noise comment report found here
  • Call the SBD Community Response Line: 909-382-4225
Airport staff logs, reviews, analyzes and maps all flight operations concerns. Community members should share detailed information about the flight operation via either the online report or recorded response line. This will allow SBD staff to identify the aircraft noise concern more easily. All comments are included in a monthly report that helps determine totals and trends. The report is reviewed by the San Bernardino International Airport Authority and promotes understanding of how SBD can minimize aircraft noise impacts within the community. The reports are also available to the public, and can be found here.
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