Introducing Norton — San Bernardino International Airport’s Wildlife Dog

Introducing Norton — San Bernardino International Airport’s Wildlife Dog

— SBD’s Fly Dog is Trained to Enhance Airfield Safety —

San Bernardino International Airport (SBD) has a new team member, and he’s already received a round of a-paws for being the MVP (Most Valuable Pup). Norton, SBD’s new wildlife dog, is an added enhancement to the airport’s wildlife hazard mitigation program, a requirement for FAA-certificated airports.

Norton’s name pays homage to Captain Leland F. Norton, namesake of San Bernardino’s Norton Air Force Base (now SBD), who was born in San Bernardino and died valiantly in World War II.

SBD’s black and white Border Collie, who turns 2 this spring, lives at the airport. He unleashes his puppy ruff stuff while on the airfield, chasing away birds and other ground-based animals from the runway to enhance airfield safety. Along with his handlers, this natural-born herder patrols, responds to reports of wildlife, and shows unwanted critters who’s boss.

His best friends and handlers are the airport’s operations crew, who provide Norton with the best of care while he’s on and off duty. With a five-day work week, he has eight hours of downtime each night. Norton’s peak working hours are in the morning, running the full runway (about 2 miles) and chasing wildlife and anything that flies—crows, raptors, dragonflies, and butterflies—away from the flight path of aircraft.

Norton is also a big hit with all airport staff, who like to walk and pet him, and share treats with this good boy. With Norton now part of SBD, the team wonders howl they ever worked without him.

Travelers are encouraged to take time out to wave to SBD’s furry hero if they spot him during their next visit through the airport. Follow @SBDflydog on InstagramThreads, FacebookX and YouTube to learn more about Norton and his important job at SBD. 

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