We’re pleased to bring you the second issue of the SBD International Airport Good Neighbor Program newsletter. After a scorching summer that contributed to extremely dry forests and other vegetation, airport staff join you in breathing a sigh of relief as we look forward to fall’s cooler temperatures and higher humidity.

As of the last week of October, our local and regional communities continued to experience wildfires and evacuations. SBD was a hub of activity over the last three months due to wildfires that devastated our Golden State. We’re proud to be the home base of the U.S. Forest Service, heroes who take wing to meet our local and regional neighbors’ needs. With the SBD team’s support, our partners and tenants responded to multiple fire events that threatened and destroyed lives, properties and so much of our beautiful open spaces.

Our Fall 2020 newsletter highlights how SBD and our tenants play an important role in supporting our community, and how we actively seek feedback in learning how we can continue to be your good neighbor.

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