SBD Cargo: Delivering Opportunity

SBD Cargo: Delivering Opportunity

On-time delivery of goods is important to Inland Empire residents. Whether it’s anticipating a package at home or at a business, UPSFedEx, and Amazon Air have it covered at San Bernardino International Airport (SBD). Learn about the vital role air cargo plays in our region in SBD Cargo: Delivering Opportunity. The video features airport and air cargo leaders sharing the evolution of air cargo at SBD and the reasons for this airport business line’s ongoing success. 

Air cargo was growing at SBD pre-pandemic in response to ongoing demand from residents and businesses. While the year-end holiday season was the typical peak period for door delivery, the pandemic changed this and has been the primary driver for e-commerce growth in our region and globally over the past two years.

Another reason for air cargo’s success at SBD is the former Norton Air Force Base and the impressive infrastructure it offers. A long runway, a connecting taxiway system, large ramps and massive hangars—all necessary components for air cargo operations—have made SBD an attractive airport for the U.S.’s big three air cargo companies.

SBD is pleased to play an important role in on-time delivery to our community, for both the year-end holidays on the horizon and beyond. Along with our air cargo partners, SBD is delivering opportunity to our region.

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